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We are a small team of passionate artisan designers in Munich, Germany, who love creating beautiful capes for women.

We are at the forefront of designing and manufacturing high-quality, sustainable women's capes. Our capes and ponchos transform your look into something special, to become an ambassador of your personality.

Women fashion that makes people talk

Give your personality a special touch! Our team of fashion designers create beautiful & wearable capes items, that fit seamlessly with your personal style. 

Dumanto was founded in 2015 by Marco Toscano and Fabiola Jaquero Gómez. The collections cover beautiful and stylish women’s capes. The collections cover beautiful and stylish women’s capes.

Sustainability has always been part of DUMANTO's DNA. The brand's commitment over the years has been marked by its versatile garments, perfect for conscious consumption and a personalized lifestyle.

From the brand's very first pieces, the production team began applying sustainable technologies. The most famous design, Demi Capelet, is made from recycled vintage jeans. 

All garments are manufactured in Munich, Germany and distributed internationally. 


A classic Cape never goes out of style

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